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Crimson Overtone is a hard rock/metal band from Marietta, GA. The band was originally founded through mutual participation in a local 12-Step program and that experience, as well as their individual faith, inspires much of their music and community outreach.
Band members include lead singer, Christina Hagle; lead guitarist, Evan Eleazer; rhythm guitarist, Rob Edwards; bassist, Lindsey Mayfield; and drummer, Alex A. Evan and Rob also co-produce the band’s music, blending the styles of the individual members into one cohesive sound.
While Crimson Overtone can appeal to fans of many sub genres of the rock/metal community, the band draws much of their musical influence from grunge, gothic, and modern metal. Their music combines raw, authentic lyricism with a high-energy sound to create a unique listening experience that resonates with people from all walks of life.




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