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Growing up with a single mom with 7 kids on welfare, life wasn't easy. Dusty got involved in drugs and alcohol at an early age. Being a 3rd generation musician, grabbing a guitar at 13 seemed right. Forming a band with his brothers and cousin called The Starving Artists or TSA. The nights got longer and the partying got worse. Having gotten married and having a baby girl, things needed to change.

  Dusty and his wife decided to quit drinking and partying to give their daughter a better life which led them back to the church he grew up in. Within a few years, he became the pastor of the church he grew up in. He reformed TSA as The Savior's Army and set out to bring hope to the hopeless through Jesus Christ. After over a decade of relentless performing and ministering, he now sets out on his own as DustyBonez to bring a message of hope in a sometimes hopeless world. Singing songs of redemption, healing and rising up out of depression, addiction and despair. Dealing with the toughness of life and learning to stand through it all. 




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